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Requirements for Agents

To meet our development demands and to gain further recognition and support from more clients, Shenzhen HongYi Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HongYi), hereby sincerely calls for cooperation partners and agents from all countries and regions who can meet the following requirements:

  • 1. Possessing relevant experience and customer resources in IC socket industry; or alternatively having resources in IC socket manufacturers;

  • 2. Being the legal representative of an enterprise, with available credit record and relevant experience in team management. The enterprise has been operated for more than 5 years’ with the registered capital US$200,000 or above.

  • 3. Sufficient working capital ensured; able to pay an agency fee of US$50,000 or the annual sales volume of IC sockets exceeds US$500,000. The agency fee will be refunded after one year’s cooperation.

  • 4. Be capable of working in coordination with the overall development of HongYi headquarter; recognize the quality of our products; willing to be engaged in the IC socket and semiconductor industries in the long term.

Agents’ Benefits

Once you become HongYi’s socket agent, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • 1. Being the IC socket manufacturer, we will offer you preferential prices which can bring you great profits.

  • 2. We shall authorize only 2 agents for each country or region. Once confirmed as our official agents, HongYi will no longer contact any other third party. In case any third party contacts HongYi headquarter directly, HongYi will timely allocate it to the corresponding agent for following-up and management in accordance with the location in a fair and reasonable manner.

  • 3. Any price adjustment will be informed in advance. In case of price increase, we will inform you of stock preparation; and in the event of price reduction, a rebate for your stock will be refunded to ensure your profits.

  • 4. Notice on new products will be given in time. Apart from free socket samples, technical support and marketing instructions will be offered also.

  • 5.Exclusive agency for one particular product could be enjoyed.

  • 6. Excellent after-sale services provided; refundable and exchangeable within 2 months.

  • 7. Visits to our Shenzhen factory are warmly welcomed and logistical support shall be provided at no charge.